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Would I be able to be in posession of an RIF for a month.

The gun would belong to someone who is UKARA'd and I would be in posession of it for legitimate reasons (I am capable of fixing things, other person isnt)

I dont know if there is any mention of this situation in the VCRA at any point.


or would I have to fix what i could without the gun being there and they person bringing the gun over when it is required?

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The VCRA act is about buying RIF's try reading the law it might help you


And i quote


"From the 1st of October 2007 it will be illegal to sell, manufacture or import realistic imitation firearms within the UK.


Therefore the main restriction is on the sale of realistic imitation firearms. You may legally keep any you own prior to the Act coming into force. The Act has no effect on skirmishing, nor has it any impact upon an individuals' ability to purchase accessories, spares, replacement parts etc. It is the sale of complete guns that is affected."


This means you cant buy them with out a UKARA number but you can keep them if bought ethier before the act was in place or if someone else with a UKARA number gave it to you NOT TO KEEP as this is classified as a transaction






Hope this has helped :)

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Official link to the UKARA website can be found in the sticky thread "VCRA" in this section. They have a contact page on there, and it might be best to ask them if you want to know you're doing it all legally.


Personally I'd think it was fine, just obviously don't take it out anywhere and don't test fire it in your garden unless you know the next door neighbours very well :D

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