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Few things for sale

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Hey guys,


If you read my welcome thread you may of noticed that I was into Airsoft years ago as a child, I bought a few items and gear along the way and grew out of them, I've tried selling them on ebay but there's a huge array of items on sale for people and no one took any fancy in them.


I'm going to throw some quick things down here, if you fancy having some more information on them, feel free to enquire and I'll throw you a picture - the reason I won't post a picture for them now is because I'm far too lazy to get it all out and then not get any responce.


British DPM roll kit/wash bag.

Can be used to keep spare parts in, tools, or as it's intended use - a washbag. This item did originally come with a small plastic mirror with some velcro on the back but I've since lost that.

Has 3 elasticated compartments, 1 large zip compartment and a 1 small zip mesh compartment. Also come with a hook to hang it from and clips together once rolled up. Pretty small and lightweight, will take up 0 room in any bag.


This next peice is not exactly military orientated but handy none-the-less. I used to take it fishing with me but have no need for it now. It's a California Inovations shoulder bag. Tan/Black coloured with orange parts. Thermal Drink pocket on top, small pouch infrom to hold documents and a phone storage pocket with velcro straps (big enough to hold my Samsung Galaxy which is the same size as an iPhone).

Zip compartment behind them for storing parts and what have you, with another 2 elasticated compartments to keep things seperated. Inside is like a food bag, it's all insulated and thermal if you wanna throw a few ice blocks in there to keep your sarnies warm or you can use it for whatever reason since it's so padded you could keep a china doll from breaking inside. Again, this item isn't military or airsoft related but I see no reason I shouldn't throw it up here as it can very well be used to keep your stuff in.


Olive Drab balaclava for a small/medium head - not been used but not in it's packaging.


2x British DPM Utilitity Pouch big enough to carry a canteen or anything else you may was to heave around, definately big enough to hold a box mag or several magazines inside, I previously used it to keep my canteen and there's a small pouch on the top that I put my water purification tabs in. Can attach to any belt but has forks, velcro and buttons to keep it attached to your webbing firmly. I will clarify this is not MOLLE. Has another tab inside to tape to the velcro to prevent the loud noise in hush situations.


2x SA80/M4 (5.56) ammo pouches British DPM that have velcro straps (with inside tape to prevent loud tearing noise) and clips to secure close. Attaches to all belts through velcro straps and buttons to prevent coming loose. Not much to say on these bad boys.


British DPM webbing for a small/medium body. (Grown out of this massivly) over the shoulders and around the waist - clips together at waist. can adjust size for different people. padded all along for heavy loads. can attach large amounts onto it. Very light weight for the runners/scounts within you.


I'm willing to sell these at a dirt cheap price, I've had them for so long and not really bothered selling them since they were of such high value to myself but I think it's right to let them go. If you want any history of them, I've used them about 20 times in my entire life, just for small skirmishes on the street (back when Airsoft laws weren't so strict) and they're in good condition. not scratches, bumps or anything. If anything, they look as good as new. All very strong, stirdy and some parts of the webbing have steel clips. At the moment I've got them setup to the webbing but willing to sell them seperately if you so wish. :)


I'm willing to take payments from Paypal, cash in hand or mail - will only send items after I've received the payment though. I know some of you are young and in all honesty, free stuff is very tempting at that age ;)

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