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Crye Multicam clone set with knee/elbow pads

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Accessory/Make: Emerson Gen 3 Multicam set

Condition: Brand new, arrived this morning.

Size: L (read description for size specs)

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Nope X3

Price/Payment: 50 All in

Pictures: Below


Brand new Emerson multicam Gen 3 (with built in knee/ elbow pads) set that arrived this morning. These are really good quality and was very suprised by them, however they are just a bit small for me so they have to go, plus ive just bought the next size up.


They say Large, well the packaging did anyway, however they are more like a medium i think, i have measured them out anyway, size is as follows:




Pit to Pit = 59/60 cm - can strech to more becuase of the material.


Pit to sleeve (right to the end) = 56/57 cm - can be more becuase of the strechy material used for the chest.




Waist = 45/46 cm = 36inch waist


Inside seem = 82 cm


Total length = 108/110 cm


The shirt is actually a very good fit for me, i have broad shoulders so getting something to fit can be an issue however the sleeve length was fine and the fit accross the chest was fine.


I am just over 6 foot and the size of everything, apart from the trouser waist was fine, the trouser length was fine and the knee pad height can be adjusted.


These are very nice, the stitching and material used feels very nice, the stiching is strong from what ive seen.


PM me for a faster response, cheers.





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any chance you could go a bit cheaper? i know its already really cheap but still?

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