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Optics/scopes question

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Hey guy's I've found out that in Airsoft it's very useful to have different scopes at different times and picking the wrong can pretty much ruin the experience. So I've decided that It may be best to use a dual optics system as I know there a few kicking about on the market but Im not sure of a few things if any of you could shed some light on the situation it would be awesome.


here is a small list if you will of what id like to know:


Have you used them if so what are they like?


Are they viable to operate in an Airsoft situation?


What dual optics systems are there on the market?


What dual optics system are the best?


there are so far a few Dual optics scopes I've seen:


There is the Leoopuld HAMR scope which I think is awesome:


There is something like this which is mid range scope with a small sighting device on-top:


And then there is this dual scope system which is what Im really looking for but can't find much information on it:


Thanks in advance guys.

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