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SRC Krinkov

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Make: Several (see below)

Gun/Model: Krinkov (short AK)

Accessories: 1000rnd high cap, G&P M120 motor, SHS high speed gears, element hop unit and rubber

Condition: old/worn externals, new internals

FPS: 340

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/Y/Y

Price/Payment: £130 with M120 or £100 with standard motor






Up for swaps is my SRC krinkov with some new internals.

It has got a brand new CYMA gearbox with SHS high speed gears (and G&P m120 motor if the deal is right). Element hop unit and rubber and fitted with a full metal and wood body. Gearbox has been used for 1 day at Ground Zero


But it unfortunately has some problems. It is fitted with deans connectors (only problem for some) but I can fit with small tamiya if need be. The bolt doesn't have a spring in it, but that's only because I removed a black 'tray' from the body (which I still have). The selector lever I have is too large for the CYMA gearbox case so will need one of them (see my thread), but is currently on full auto.


These problems can all be fixed for a maximum of about £10 and a little know how.


Swaps wise I am open to anything really except gas guns and spring snipers.



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