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Clearout of most rifles

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It's dawned on me that I do have far too many rifles/guns in general, as such I have the following for sale, make me offers on them:


Classic Army B&T MP5A5 with torch front end - skirmished 3/4 times some minor damage to the stock 4 hi-caps and 7/8 mids + 6 MOLLE pouches. original box


A&K Dragunov - Scope mount, no scope. some wear and tear


TM G-spec - Upraded barrel, rubber, spring, trigger all the jazz done to it. With MASSIVE scope. skirmished 3 times, near mint. original box.


Potentially the WE G36C +5 mags with tan spray job where TT parts would be for the right price - skirmished 1 time.



Reason for sale is simply a bit of a clearout, I want to use my M16 more.

Sensible offers, only swap for a G&G UMP with some extras and in good nick.


Will only two tone the Dragunov, not because I don't like TT, but rather I couldn't bring myself to paint such gorgeous weapons green.

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