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Hi all, sorry my first post is about selling my stuff but at 38 years old i'm hanging my boots up! I have loads of stuff for sale and will be putting it up for sale on here when i get the time. First up my assault vest;


J-TECH TAC M7 vest, as you regular players will now this is a quality vest and not to be confused with Web-Tex and the like, i wouldn't be at all suprised if these are used by real operators. It is is excellent condition and comes with detachable MP5 size mag pouch (held on with very strong velcro). i believe you can buy a pistol holster but i found my Glock fitted snugly in one of the pouches and was handy to have on the front where i could draw it quickly in tricky situation!


I'm after £40 + £5 postage but i'm open to offers, payment via payPal


Thanks for looking





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