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I'v suddenly come across a need for money and need to get out of airsoft for a small while,abit gutting for me but it must be done.


so for sale i have all my gear :


Tokyo Marui M4 with front ris block and guarder iron sights,cleaning rod.

7 H&k (120 round) midcap mags

delta force silencer

2 batteries : 1x1600,1x1300 mini type

speed loader

long rifle bag

3000 rounds




details :


Fps/muzzle velocity : 300 fps (2 weeks ago at ucap)

Last service: unknown the guy that had this before me left it standing for 2 years as he only used gas guns so i recommend a service but its running beautifly.

wiring type this gun is front wired in the handguard,the front wiring is sensative and takes a little riggle to get it to kick in but works perfectly when the batterys sat right.i wasnt told this early on found out myself e easy fix for matt b in the service.

being a tokyo marui all the internals are metal and this AEG is very accurate with a good rate of fire a real workhorse for somebody who wants it

Motor: TM eg1000 high torque motor.



besides from the risblock at the front and the silencer this is all standard,still limited to 300fps like all marui's.


inbox me for interest and il bring it all down the bunker when its been sold instead of delivering.




Uploaded with




Im looking for £200 for all the kit which isnt bad for a marui and all the kit included

i will entertain sensible offers as i do need the money

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