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In my sort time on AFUK i have had some fun and some good intel, As some of you know my freind Jim and myself are getting back into Airsoft and i just wanted to say a big thanks for the help ;)


I find myself in need of a little help with my gear loadout


I have


Advancer V12 Goggles with three sets of Lens

Digger Hat

Camo gear (not one the same camo lol I will fix that in time)


Guns(well i have Jims guns and when i get my UKARA I will start shopping :) )


What i need help with right now is my rig ... i dont have one. Where is the best places to shop online and what would you recemend without braeking my bank


Here is the trouble im a BMF, Im 6'1" 20 stone man with a 46 inch Waist or to put that in my native tongue of Scottish "Big Fat Bass" but i will probably need to buy a 48 to 50 inch because of the fits :(

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As a larger gent myself, I can offer a bit of advice. DO NOT GET A CHEST RIG, it will sit on your stomach, make you feel bloody stupid and be damn uncomfy.


Cheap vest and expands up to 60"

Available in black, olive or DPM. Takes upto 12 m4 mags, at a squeeze or 6 AK mags

Can't go much wrong with 20 squid, and though not ultra cool, they actually work quite well

nowt wrong with viper, it works, but is cheap. Would not stand up to an Afgan tour, but then nor would we! I find it good in the winter as it adds an extra layer of insulation, but int he summer its a bit hot and restrictive, which is when I pull out my....



PLCE. British army issue, available in olive or DPM, you can get Webtex mix or army surplus issued on ebay for around £20. You may want a belt extender as the belts go upto 42", but thats about £8


for the summer I just use 2 ammo pouches, which hold 6 m4 mags or 4 ak mags and a bottle of bb's and a utility pouch which holds spare goggles and a bottle of lucazade. Keeps your chest and back free to breath (sweat), and you can still lay down without getting a mag in the sack if you need to!


So for around £20-30 you can get either set, which will fit you, work well and not break the bank.

hope it helps

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molle rigs are the best imo but with the pouchs etc it can get pricey for a nice setup new, but assult vests are nice a less bulky if you havent got much to carry and pretty cheap

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That is a big help guys I think i will get the cheaper rig/vest for now and when I get my guns then look at a MOLLE vest


bigshep thanks for the gr8 links

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When the time is right I would recommend looking at the Flyye plate carriers on


I'm 38" waist and the medium fits perfectly. The key thing is the adjustability. A large would probably fit you. If not there is also an XL

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