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PLCE Webbing 4x Ammo, 2x Utility, 1x Pistol Holster

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Here i have for sale my PLCE Webbing, its in very good condition and a mix between Army Issue and Webtex Brands



Yoke - Army Issue.

2x Belts - Main belt and a lower belt that stops all the pouchs flapping around when your running.

2x Webtex Double Ammo Pouchs, 4 Pouchs alltoghether capable of holding 3 M16 mags in each, so you could fit 12 mags in those if you wanted.

1x Webtex Utility Pouch

1x Webtex Water bottle Pouch, Basicly the same as utility but with a divider in that can be tucked away and used to put the same size stuff in as a utitlity pouch

1x Pistol Holster (other arms) I believe this is military issue too, Holds your pistol nice and securly and a extra mag for it to. NOTE - My Pistol NOT Included!


Also included just for the sake of it,

1x Push to talk Speaker/Mic on coilwire with a adaptor that will fit most PMR 446 radios, 1 of the ammo pouchs also doubles up very nicley as a radio pouch =)


Fully Adjustable straps so this will fit most people BIG and small. you can also move the pouch configuration around to your liking if you want.


Im asking for £55 including postage. preferably via bank transfer or postal order, but will take paypal if push comes to shove, i dont like paying fees :(

No splits at the moment, and No swaps as im getting rid of all my kit.


Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. Thanks.



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