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Hey folks,


I'm starting a WW2 loadout (82nd airborne) and I'm after a thompson.


Ideally it needs to be the M1A1 military version, preferably as much metal and wood content as possible, plastic is acceptable provided it's of a known brand (no LPEG, chinese clones acceptable) and of a price that reflects the fact it'd need work to be full metal etc.


External condition is not important; my loadout is intended to be fairly tatty so if it looks like it fell out of a tree, that's ace. Don't want any majorly obvious cracks or anything though; internal condition very important, MUST be running reliably (don't mind the odd misfeed) and must run 350fps or less.


Money waiting. Let me know what you've got!


Offers of two-tone guns will be ignored. I have UKARA reg, and now have my number to hand to confirm my entitlement.



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