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Make: TM

Gun/Model: M14 SOCOM Black

Accessories: 3 tm hi caps 1 unknown hi cap, 3 tm mid caps, large battery, blackhawk sling, king arms scope rail (allows the scope to right up against your eye) orignal box + contents, pantac universal open top pouch, upgraded with a prommy tightbore.

Condition: Excellent

FPS: Bang on 347 every time

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No X 3

Price/Payment: 310 inc delivery + pp fees (290 if you want to collect it from Birmingham)

Pictures: will upload later on today


Hi all, unfortunatly i have decided to sell my m14 socom, this gun is amazing as anyone who has owned one will tell you, shoots brilliantly with amazing accuracy on .25's (seriously) and is probably the sexiest gun i have ever owned.


However it doesnt seem to fit my style of play as well as my m4 and due to a dodgy rib, i cant use it very well especially on my left side as it is a little heavier than a normal aeg and awkward for me to hold (due to my rib).


I bought this of another forum in a nearly new condition and it has stayed that way, i have maybe put 400 round through it as i have only used it once for half a day. There is not a mark on it and looks and smells pretty much new lol.


It has been upgraded to shoot around 350 fps on .2's and was chronoed a week ago, readings are as follows:


1st shot: 347

2nd shot: 347

3rd shot: 346

4th shot: 347


The gun comes with:


4 Hi Caps - 3 TM, 1 unknown but feed perfectly

3 TM midcaps

Blackhawk sling

King Arms scope rail

Large VP battery

Prometheus tightbore

Original box + everything included (manual, brochure etc)

Pantac open top universal pouch (double)


PM me for a fast response, offers welcome, but nothing stupid please


Thank you for looking

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