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KJWorks P226 Railed Frame

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So, as per usual, I am at work.


I am bored.


I am on AF-UK.


So here's my useful input for today.


Gun Name and maker: As above.


FPS: A pretty darn consistent 302, using green gas with .20g bbs.


Hop up: Yes, adjustable and very good. Only annoying thing is that you have to strip the gun to access it.


Mag Capacity: I'm pretty sure it's 25 +1 but I only ever load it with 15.


Plastic/Metal/Both: Metal. Absolutely everything apart from the panels on the grip are metal.


My opinion and overall comments: This is a gem of a pistol, it's fantastic in every way.


It's very weighty, it must weigh at least 1kg, it's impossibly reliable, I once went through 1 mag 4 or 5 times and it was visibly freezing and the gun still cycled perfectly. Don't believe the crap WolfArmouries feed you about it being unreliable due to high metal construction.


I've never had it jam whilst shooting, only ever from cocking it repeatedly with a loaded mag to empty the mag without firing it and that was bound to jam it anyway, so nothing against the gun.


It shares all the same features of the real steel. Even a working double action trigger and a de-cocking lever. Which can not, no matter what anyone says, discharge the weapon. The kick is solid and it makes a damn good noise.

The slide even strips the same as on the real one.


Range and accuracy are also flawless. With enough mags you could easily use this as a main weapon, so long as engagement ranges stay under 40m.


Overall rating: 9/10


Only thing that could make this better would be if it didn't have KJWorks stamped on the grip panels where Sig Sauer ought to be.

Also, I paid £122 for it from Patrol Base because it was £99 without markings on WolfArmouries, so I assumed it would have them being sold at £122. Turns out it didn't, but oh well.


You can get a version that's exactly the same that does have licensed markings, it just costs around £140 and is NEVER EVER in stock, hence why I bought it without because I couldn't be arsed to wait for eternity for them to be back in stock for longer than the 5 minutes it would take me to order one.


The only Sig you can get that's more realistic than this one would be the KSC model, but I've only ever found that on foreign online stores and I refuse to ever import a gun, so this was my best bet.


This also has far more upgrade potential from what I've heard, but I think it's perfect as it is. :rolleyes:


Thanks for reading.

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good review, short, snappy and to the point, this is all the same on the TM basically, except, its all plastic externals on the TM obviously.

although, getting mine second hand i payed £100 for it, with a metal slide and body, but the body hasn't been placed on the pistol yet. i also got 3 magazines, AND it has new recoil springs and hammer springs, just a tiny bit of a good deal, wouldnt you say?

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Just a bit lol.


I paid £122 for this, then bought 3 other mags at £18ish each, plus delivery, gas and ammo I must've spent over £200 on this so far.

I've had it a couple of months, skirmished it about 5 times and I've not had any parts break, everything's fine and there isn't even any visible wear on it yet, I don't think I'll be needing any spare parts any time soon.


It's great fun though. I love filling coke cans with water so they don't fall down, then blasting holes through them, it's awesome. :lol:

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here, if anyone is intrested(cos you are reading this) i am selling a kj works p229.

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So it's one year on and I'd have to say that perhaps Wolf Armouries were right when they said it will perform like a frozen block of turd when it gets cold.


The magazines are also terrible, they are downright crap. If not lubed to hell and back and kept gassed constantly then they will develop leaks and very bad ones too, due to the mag design you can't tighten the gaps either, you just have to fill them with something or replace the O-rings with fatter ones. They also vent their gas charge after less than 5 shots whenever it's under 10 degrees C, at least in my experience.


I ended up selling this on to a friend so I could buy a CO2 pistol as I needed a pistol I could rely on during winter, as this simply isn't cut out for it, not even slightly.


After getting rid of it I did find that the TM Sig magazines are compatible though, so if you get some of those for it, it might actually work pretty well.


Since getting rid of it I do miss it though, I think the ergonomics of the Sig pistols are the best of all the famous designs, it's comfortable and all the controls are positioned within reach of your shooting hand, without the need to adjust your grip, which is fantastic.


If they ever come out with a CO2 version of this pistol I will buy it in a heartbeat without, even thinking about it.

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