Custom CQB M4 with Carbon Fibre Muzzle Enhancer (SOLD)

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Make: Base A&K, but has components from G&G, G&P and King Arms


Gun/Model:M4 CQB Compact Custom


Accessories: 1x G&G 450 rnd Mag, 1x A&K 350 rnd Mag, 1x King Arms Red Dot Sight, 1x Fore Grip, 1x Magpul MOE Trigger Guard, 1x 2000mah Battery, 1 standard charger.


Condition:Few scratch's but will be sorted when gun blue arrives, Internals spotless!!.




Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange:N/A


Price/Payment: £250 ono inc PNP and Paypal.






Reason for sale:


I only have time for one hobby now, and diving has to be it.


What's Custom:

This gun is the ultimate in versatile CQB M4s. with the stock folded it measures 39cm and unfolded it's 61cm. The battery is contained in the spare mag so there is no need for battery slings or crappy's all there- a full AEG in a very compact size.


The gun is all metal and has a nice weight to it. The body is from an A&K LR-300, the front RIS has been cut down from the standard M4 version. The carbon fibre muzzle enhancer really does enhance each shot. And the stock is from a G&G GR300. The Red Dot Sight and Ergonomic Pistol Grip are King Arms, and the Fore-Grip is a G&P Tactical forward folding grip.


All of the internals have been upgraded, but cant remember all of them, however I do remember the expensive ones and the ones that make the difference.

The gearbox is from a G&G M16A2 with an upgraded cylinder, piston, piston head and nozzle. The gear box has been short stroked and fitted with a Mosfet to give an spitting ROF. The motor is a G&P AK M140 High Torque Motor. Ultra Custom Motor.


The hop unit is from a G&P M4 with a brand new hop rubber and the inner barrel is a cut down G&G M16A2 6.03mm tight-bore.


You can hit a pen top off a table at 40 foot with the right operator.


Charger wise, you can either have the TLP EXPRO II Fuzzy Logic Charger or the standard Auto Cut-Off NiMH / NiCd Battery Pack Charger.


The fuzzy does require a fuse plug, I used one from a Samsung TV, but its up to you.


I will spruce it up if the gun blue actually arrives, if not then you can do it yourself, but personally I think it looks better with wear.


Also my roll pin punch has broken so you can fit the Magpul trigger guard yourself.


I will not Two Tone!!



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Sold please close

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