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n00b Sniper

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the biggest problem i found when i had a go on my mates l96 ages ago was that most people wont call there hits unless they have just been completly peppered on full auto, which makes bolt actions a no go straight away!


i am a firm beliver in if you want the look of a sniper get a m14 with scope and bipod exelent range straight out of the box plus you get the (sort of) looks of a sniper and full auto capability.

That's what i've done :P

Long barrel, good hop + rubbers, and a good gearbox.

Almost the same range as a sniper, but no min. engagement rules, and i can spray 50 BB's your way, unlike a sniper :)


Anyone know where i can find short M14 mags that will fit a Classic Army model? thats all i need to complete the sniper look.


Why do some people assume that I want to play professionally rather than just have a bit of fun?


Everyone here only plays for fun.

(I don't think anyone here is professional and gets paid?)


And we assume that you are not the Garden Plinker sort of guy, since you are on an airsoft forum.


All i'm saying is that you will probably get frustrated if you go straight to a sniper. This is not a speculation. a lot of newbies run straight to the L96's, then find they cant hit anyone and give up.

You get a lot more for your money from DMR style guns

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I have the Well L96, and to be honest, it's crap stock. Although, it is excellent at shooting people around buildings (curving the BB to the left) because of the extremely badly cut barrel.

Also, the FPS dropped from 480 to 430 in three games, still no idea as to why..

The piston and spring guide are plastic, so is the trigger unit, which has cracked.

All need upgrading


I have already upgraded barrel, hop up, bucking and nubbing, and it's much better.

What's left is the trigger unit, cylinder, cylinder head, piston, spring and spring guide.


Spent £180 on the gun, £40 on a barrel, £40 on a hop unit, £10 on rubber & nubbing. Plus about £20 total delivery (as these were separate orders).

Left to spend is about £225.


Total is £500, expensive!

And that's getting cheap upgrades (MadBull barrel, £40 hop-up rather than the PDI one etc).




And about getting a sniper as your first gun, most people would recommend against it, including me.

Although, that said, my mate got a sniper as his first gun, he loves it.

I had an AEG as my first, few months later bought a sniper & pistol - much prefer it.

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