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M4/M733 Grip, Advice please!

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Hey Guys,


I've been out of the airsoft game for a while now and im trying to get back into it but I have had no end of problems, long story short I ended up replacing the gearbox on my TM M733 with a Dboys V2 gearbox, now with all the problems I have had I actually got quite good at getting the motor inside the grip with the wires tidly around it.


However, with the new Dboys gearbox even when I get the motor to slip straight into the grip with no ressistance from the wires I cannot get the motor to sync correctly with the cogs inside the gearbox.


I was planning to replace the grip anyway so now would be a good time to do it, I am hoping it will resolve the motor alignment issue at the same time.


My question is this, what is the best aftermarket grip for the M4/M733? I dont really care what it looks like and im not really fussed about the grip pattern, the only thing I want is for the grip to have the best internal design making it easy to route the wires and get the motor perfectly aligned and tensioned.


So, Best grip for ease of installing motor/wires?


Thanks in advance for any advice.






Woot, gun is now functioning fully.


I still would like to replace the grip, most aftermarket grips have a rubber texture to them instead of cheap plastic.


So I'm still interested to know what grips you guys love.


Thanks. D

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