SOLD Colt M16 A1 assault rifle and Robocop Auto 9

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Make:Tokyo Marui/ Maruzen

Guns/Models: Colt M16 A1 assault rifle and Robocop Auto 9

Accessories: magazines and batteries/charger for the rifle

Condition: Very good

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/A

Price/Payment: M16 100 Pounds inc P and P/ Auto 9 40 Pounds inc p and p- Paypal goods only please






Hi all, I have dug out a couple of my prize posessions which have been gathering dust for many years!


The M16 is electric and comes with 2 batteries and charger, it has semi and full auto. It is in very good condition with a few minor marks here and there which are barely noticeable. When I bought these I don't think there were skirmishes and such so it has not had much use really, just to shoot my Dad when I was young!!


The Robocop gun is also for sale, it is gas powered and also has semi or auto options on it. The gun itself is in a lovely condition but the magazine cracked and was glued back together, you can see on the pics. When it is in the gun it isn't very noticeable though. It works fine though, again just used to shoot at my poor Dad :)


The boxes are a bit worn but I guess these were bought in the early 90s so not much I can do about that!



Anyway, any questions and I'll do my best to answer. ukara number regs apply

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