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this is a jg sig btw


After a few hours of looking about and editing in photoshop here is a rough version of what my sig airsoft gun should look like when its finished with early upgrades worth about £250-£300.


it internally already has a ics gearbox and a brand new tokyo marui motor by the guy who owned this before me.





upgrades are going to be:

2 X ICS 400 round magazine hicaps

1 X red dot sight

1 X Tokyo marui low profile scopemount

1 X King arms delta short delta silencer

1 X King arms m4 foregrip (already attached now)

1 x Tightbore barrel

1 X Hurricane metal receiver

1 x torchmount


iv only had one drawback with this gun and that is because Tokyo marui have stopped sig 552 production because it was inferior to the clones and the ics models so getting hold of this is all on specialist sites and importing what i need when the time comes.




throughout the year il be updating this thread to show you guys how the gun looks :)

voice your oppinions ppl

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That'll look killer once it's done! :D

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