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Im am hoping Dev will keep this feedback updated with the different account names MattyBarnes has/ is using so no one suffers the same fate as me.


He posted up a P229 for sale, we started discussing it around the 9th of June.


I sent the money by postal order around the 14th, he said he received it on the 16th and would be cashing it in that day - and that he would be sending the gun out.


Fast forward June 22, and still nothing. Very little contact at all, as he didnt reply to messages.


Over the weeks I tried to make contact and have heard very little if anything, always "sorry sending it tomorrow" or "will throw in something extra".


So i have asked for my money back, and still nothing.


It is now the 27th of July. Yes, this started end of JUNE.


I also noticed that his account under MattyBarnes was deleted, and a new one started. When I mentioned this to him, he seemed shocked, despite the fact that he had already put up new sales under this new alias.


I don't mind so much with people taking their time, but when they have my hard earned money and they are not telling me what is going on, i get annoyed.


If there is a reasonable explanation, I want to hear it. This guy has stolen money from me, and I will be getting it back.


Avoid at all costs. And please feel free to pass this information on to any other forums you are members of.

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