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Hi people i have currently 9 aeg's and do not need all of these roughly 4 come with me to a game so the others are all left in box's at home it tends to be the same guns that come each week so i am going to sell this m14 so i can get the new call of duty game and hopefully some others

The gun was brought new in july 2009 and is a perfect mix between a sniper rifle and assault rifle i only used it twice and then decied to put it away because i got bored of sitting and waiting for some delta dude to come up the path and shoot him. The m203 is realy usefull if you are in a situation and need to mop up a group of people. You are basicly getting a new gun for a brilliant price


Make:Tokyo Marui i am sure but may be wrong



New Metal M203

One High Cap (can include 6 more for £100 still in box's never used)

96rd Grenade

Ris Rail

Sniper Stock

Condition: Prestine

FPS:I honestly dont know the fps but i would think about 280-320 the (review on zero one states this)

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange:Will only swap for a full metal M16 with m203 (g&p , ics, posibly clasic army)

Price/Payment:£280 excluding paypal or postage may be paypaled as gift if you wish postage will be £15. One last thing i am willing to negotiate on price a bit.

Pictures: will be up soon when iphone is charges sorry in advance for quality iphone camera's are rubbish.


Mods if i have missed any detail please contact me thanks


guys you will get a quicker responce by my email

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Hey buddy..


would u sell the m203 seperately???


pls pm me.



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