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Version 7 Gearbox + Motor (SOLD)

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Accessory/Make:Unknown, Probably clone

Condition:Fair, see below

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange:maybe, see below

Price/Payment:£20 plus a couple of quid towards postage so £22 all in.

Pictures: Below


Hey all,


I got this recently with a view to a old M14 project which was never finished a few years ago, but am clearing out stuff due to a lack of time for the hobby. A clone I presume V7 gearbox and motor all present and correct, apart from a couple of things, first one of the trigger contacts needs re-soldering (Don't have a soldering Iron), it also needs new bushings as one looks a bit used there included anyway. Gearbox is disassembled at the minute, as it needs new bushings I don't really see the point in putting it back together. It is therefore untested so great if you need some parts or know your way round internals. comes with all wires and internal parts, just needs a bit of TLC, also comes with fire selector swivel outside bit and, safety, trigger and selector plates.


Swaps wise I'm only really after some AK parts which is the only gun I'm going to keep, specifically a pinned type AK outer barrel, full or 105 length with a inner barrel. But I'll give any other AK parts or mags consideration though not TM front ends as they won't fit. Payment via paypal, I'll pay the fees though.




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