M4 DEVGRU & SIG552 upgraded for Sale

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Looking to sell these 2 RIFs, tried a year ago but got bored after someone let me down so i put them back in the loft! :) I haven't airsofted for ages so their just sat in the boxes (lightly oiled of course ;). If i don't get the asking price, i'll take the best PM offer at the end of the month. Not interested in any part ex other than Arcteryx kit. Loads more photos on request, just let me know.


Custom M4 RIS/RAS with full metal.

Quick remove Silencer front end (in pics)

Short CQB barrel (not shown but takes a minute to fit if you're doing urban.

Genuine US Army Knights Wrm RIS covers

Noveske full metal body housing (£100 on its own!!)

Spring up iron sights (full metal)

ACOG replica sight


few other extras inc conversion kit for short barrel carbine (ideal for CQB)

£180 + postage


FAULTS (better to be honest!)- needs new spring for cocking lever (cocking lever still secure and really easy to sort)

- Fire selector switch is loose.


Seen some use but still in good condition




Original TM 552 from new.

Upgraded internals by Urban Assault.

Hurricane full metal body

Front replaced with metal RIS

Genuine US Army Knights Wrm RIS covers, no cheap China parts.



Screw on silencer thrown in

Batts, Box and other extras thrown in etc

£300 + postage (originally cost around £570)


Only skirmished twice and looks great.


FAULTS - Needs new watch style battery for reflex sight.




AS ever, please do not apply if you are under 18 and/or aren't entitled to buy a non 2 tone RIF.



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