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Custom grips - I need your help

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Hi guys !


Some of you might have seen my previous post on the 1911 grips.

I have also given a few sets away and had some great feedback ! Thanks


Through the feedback I have learned a lot and have made numerous changed to how I make the grips.

I will post about this later.


Anyway, I need your help


I would like to make the grips so thst they are compatibly on as many models as possible.


I have found the raised area of the screw hole on the TM 1911 quite high and on the KWA1911 low as seen in the photos.


If I make a set on the TM it will also fit the KWA, but if I make it on the KWA, it will not fit the TM.


I therefore have to make them fit on the make that had the highest raised area.


This is what I am asking.


Please submit a photo of this area of your gun. ;)


Not TM or KWA - I have them.


Also measure the distance between the centres of the 2 holes.


I find them to be 78mm on both the TM and KWA


Thanks for any help


I am working on quite a few sets of grips and they look very cool indeed.


I am also now supplying a care kit with the grips - oil, lint free cloth



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Would a WE1911 help out if so ill send you the details you want in about a week.


Oh and I know its a TM gun but how about a Hi-cappa 4.3 extreme?

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Jean - the grips you sent me fit my WE 1911 perfectly, so you can assume that the layout you used for those is fine (I presume you used a TM base). Only issue was on the interior of one hole, it was slightly off-round and that was what caused the fitment issue.

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