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Full SAS black kit including S10 with ballistic lenses, anti flash lenses and MP5 - FOR SALE

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Accessory/Make: SAS black overalls made by TGC

Condition: Very good

Size: XXL (5ft 10)


Accessory/Make: SAS tactical vest made by TGC (nylon strip version)

Condition: Very good. one button has fallen off, but it is included (see pics below)


Accessory/Make: SAS leather belt made by TGC

Condition: Very good


Accessory/Make: SAS leather MP5 mag leg pouch

Condition: Very good


Accessory/Make: S10 respirator. This S10 has the anti-flash and ballistic lenses on it. It also comes with a radio cable and filter.

Condition: Very good


Make: Tokyo Marui

Gun/Model: MP5

Accessories: 2x TM mid caps, 4x TM high caps, mag clamp.

Condition: Good, but the 'hinges' that hold the foregrip to the gun have snapped off, but the foregrip stays on like it did before they snapped off surprisingly. Shown in pictures below. (the snapped bit is on the foregrip itself, not the gun)

FPS: 280



Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/Tokyo Marui MP7 plus cash/no

Price/Payment: £550 which includes p&p


I’ve had this kit for more than 2 years, and I’ve actually only used it once. Everything fits perfectly and is a dream. I don’t do much CQB which is why I’m selling it all. I’m selling this as a whole kit so NO SPLITS at the moment. The only things that i would consider selling separately is the MP5+mags and the black kit.














the button that came off:



the broken 'hinge' on the mp5 foregrip:



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how much for the Mp5 mag clamp?

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do you still have the black overalls for sale?

if so how much

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Guys your best bet is to pm the user


Closed due to age

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