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Tm Thompson w/ CAW M1928 conversion kit

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I've gotten hold of a TM Thompson with a CAW M1928 conversion kit. Only testing the water as I've literally gotten it today. Don't really want it, but don't want to give it away either.


This is a stock TM internally, with the conversion kit applied; which gives it a cutts compensator, the "sliced" outer barrel and a full metal upper receiver with the bolt in the correct place (on top), and the proper rear iron sight. This was the LAST CAW kit to be retailed in England after they stopped producing them.


There are no "tommy gun" grips or dum magazines with it. This is the military version of the M1928 as would be seen in the pacific. No trademarks.


Not used very much by the previous owner, and sounds very nice internally, but a few scuffs and artificial scratching to the faux wood for looks.


Supplied with one standard mag and the original receiver (will be shipped with CAW kit fitted). The CAW kit is now discontinued.


Pictures will be up later.


Looking for a decent quality, full metal M4 RIS (no TM Sopmod), with crane stock and some accessories, fairly upmarket, or mid market with accessories or a pistol etc. Also open to things like an L85A2 or L85 AFV.


No plastic bodies (polymer where the RS is polymer considered), must have good internals. Not interested in sniper rifles, shotguns, gas rifles or anything by Heckler and Kock (HK416 excluded).


I will check your entitlement to the defence, but do not neccessarily have to take UKARA. You ship first due to the rarity of the CAW kit.



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