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Make:Golden Eagle/ JG

Gun/Model:M4 carbine

Accessories:red dot sight

Condition:some minor issues described below

FPS:330 at last chrono

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange:no/no/no

Price/Payment:120 posted and paypal




hi folks , im selling my golden eagle M4 carbine , it has a few minor fixes needed

i recently put in an upgraded one piece hop unit and the bb's seem to get stuck in the chamber. i really dont know what im doing and am sure someone who does could fix this with very little fuss ,secondly the dust cover pops open all the time again no major fix needed there and finaly as it is ex two tone there is a little bit of the original paint coming through.


it comes fully boxed with the original charger and an 1100 battery i will also supply a metal high cap and a G&P nswc silencer


i am open to offers so ask away i can only say no





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