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JG S-System

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JG M4 S-System



Firstly to start off with I have had this rifle on the field for 2 months now and let’s just say I am a clumsy one and I must have dropped this rifle countless times and except from the dust cover catch (which is a common problem with this rifle) everything is in one piece it’s hard to believe it’s from JG!


Let’s start from front to back with the full metal outer barrel, it has no wobble what so ever even after field use, just before the fore grip is the metal flip-up sight which can get a bit wobbly after time, then up to the plastic fore grip which is very solid but when it comes to putting the battery in that’s another story, there is two screws which when are aligned pop out and it swivels open. You need to spend time getting your mini type battery into the very small space but it will fit. Mounted on either side of the fore grip are metal 1inch RIS rails, the bottom RIS rail is also metal and is about 3 inches long, the top rail is a continues rail and is also made of metal, along the whole RIS system there are points for you to screw in your sling bracket. Upper and lower receivers are plastic but don’t be disheartened like I said earlier I have dropped this rifle many times and it hasn’t broken yet, magazine catch is on the right hand side and the selector is on the left hand side there is also a imitation forward assist knob, to add to that there is a working charging handle which exposes the hop-up now the dust cover catch on this rifle is known (and in my case it has) to brake which means the dust cover always is open but the imitation bolt dose the job of keeping the internals relatively clean. Up to the end of the RIS rail where the metal flip up sight is now I haven’t have much experience with flip-up rear sight before but this one seems pretty good. Back down to the trigger and trigger guard, the trigger is metal and the trigger guard is plastic with a collapsible bottom so you can operate this rifle with big fluffy gloves on during the chilly winter days. This rifle comes with a solid plastic tactical stock with a metal buffer tube.


Out of the box this rifle should do about 400 fps but because this is a JG product about 5000 rounds later it settled down to a respectful 360 fps. It comes with a 300 round hi-cap magazine, cleaning rod, small packet of sample BB’s (throw them out there no good) and a manual that isn’t even for this rifle


FPS: About 400 FPS (out of the box)

Hop up: Adjustable

Mag Capacity: 300

Battery: Mini Type

Plastic/Metal/Both: Both

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