Ares M60 (SOLD)

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Make: Ares

Model: M60 E4

Condition: Very good

fps: unknown, new M110 spring

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No, Yes, Maby

Price/Payment: £400 paypal - open to offers

Pictures: will attach tomorrow :)


I've had this gun for just under a year, both the internals and externals are in excellent condition, the body has some scratches from skirmishes, the gearbox is metal with all new internals:



Shooter double o ring cylinder head

Systema vented cylinder

Element aluminium piston head

SHS metal toothed piston

Madbull M110 spring

Element speed gears

G&P M120 Motor

Custom box mag - allows user to change the speed of which the bb's are fed into the barrel


Upgrades are new and have been tested


This gun fires straight and true with .2 bb's. Gun comes with 2 9.6v 3600 mah batteries, heavy duty sling, custom box mag, 3000 .2 bb's, cleaning rod and a spare length of extension spring incase of and damages to feed spring in later life.


Swap wise im looking for a Tokyo Marui M14 - Long length with normal stock in wood or wood effect

any other swap ideas just PM or email me: tomdgates@googlemail.com


Thanks allot :3

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Before a mod jumps in to tell you this; it's one bump per week unless you're responding to questions etc :)


Helps keep stuff fair for people.


Mods; sorry for stepping in; as usual I'm bored and spamming the forums with my useless drivel is all I've got to keep me from going insane :D

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