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CA M4 outer barrel and front sight, with delta ring and CA RIS.

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like it says,

CA outer barrel with the for sight and the delta ring to atach it to the body.

the barrel in in good condition with very little scraches.

the barrel will fit most M4, m16s and is ready to screw on.

on firesupport the barrel alone is for sale at £55 without the for sight and anything.

for the complete outer barrel with delta ring and for sight, i would like £35 +£5 for postage.


the RIS is a CA RIS.

we all know that CA make an awsome job of their RIS kits. and this is second to none. comebined with the outer barrel, there is absolutly no wobble, squeaks or anything of that nature. i have had the RIS tortured. i put three M203s on it:P it stood strong!

i think its constructed of aluminium due to its high price.

there is a little counter sunk area at the front, where i drilled to fit a bipod. that is now on my SPR.

this, again from new is around the £99 mark from firesupport.

im asking £70 + £4 as it is light. if you buy the barrel and RIS together it will cost £105 as a special deal! inc postage.

any queries PM me or email me at


pics will be uploaded in about an hour:D


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