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Selling a "new" CyberGun MAUSER (L96) Sniper rifle

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im selling my new L96 rifle due to partly not got the money to upgrade it to a full spec 500fps sniper rifle and also because i got my Aug A2 fixed again and its good enough for being a semi sniper while still being able to do normal combat.



Make: Cyber Gun (they have the right to brand the rifle with the trade name MAUSER but do not make the gun itself, not sure who manufactured it)


Gun/Model: MAUSER SR (L96 clone so will fit all L96 upgrades)


Accessories:The rifle comes with a 3-9x 40 scope, bipod, sling, tow standard magazines and bottle of 3000 blaster .3g bb's (minus the ones i have fired witch is less than 150) also still have the box and should also have the receipt somewhere


Condition: As New bought in April and never been used on any site, only fired shoots in my back garden, the rifle came with a red tip (not sure why taken its sold in UK and not USA) that i have painted black


FPS: never been tested but manufacture states that its 2joules, that will mean that will mean little over 375FPS with .3g bb's


Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/A atm


Price: the hole packet have cost me over £200 but I’m selling it all for £150


Paying method i don’t got PayPal atm with my new card (they refuse to remove my old account because i cant remember the card no.) so face to face cash in hand is my only option until i get it sorted and that also takes care of the matter of how you going to receive the rifle.


Pictures: will be coming as soon as i get some proper ones taken.... of all the Accessories


this is my first time selling something online so please feel free to say if i have forgotten to give some info or if there is anything you would like to know about the gun

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Hey, i'm interested in buying, drop me some pictures and reply to this via my email. :)


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