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Xbox 360 + games and accessories for airsoft bits

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I've got an old style xbox 360 core (no HDMI), with an aftermarket (but genuine) 60GB HD with various bits and accessories which I am considering getting rid of.


It was purchased second hand from GAME a year ago last February, and is still covered by their protection program; it runs fine despite age, but if the buyer requests it, I can have them check it out before it is sent (I may well do so anyways, but this will add a week or so to shipping times, maybe more). Fairly noisy, but that's what the old xbox consoles were like.


Two controllers, both wireless type, one comes with a fairly knackered play'n'charge battery and cable, the other controller comes with the standard AA battery compartment. Both controllers are in good nick and as far as I can tell, work fine.


Will come with the original power "brick" and several cable sets (to my knowledge, I have two cables which connect to VGA and the little red/white audio ports; I can supply a red/white to standard 3.5mm audio jack, should also come with the original component cable - if I can't find that, most TVs work with the xbox on the PC source anyways)


Comes with the following games, some have manuals, some don't, key thing is, they all work:

-Mafia 2

-Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

-Fallout 3: GOTY (original fallout disk, then GOTY disk with all the DLC on, in the GOTY case etc)

-Oblivion: GOTY

-Viva Pinata: Trouble in paradise

-Don King: Prizefighter

-Forza 3

-Dante's Inferno

-Fable 3

-Fable 2

-Tom Clancy's R6 Vegas

-Gears of War

-Fallout: New Vegas

-Final Fantasy XIII

-Devil May Cry 4

-Eternal Sonata

-Mercenaries 2: World In Flames

-FarCry 2

-Mass Effect

-Star Ocean: The Last Hope

-Battlestations: Midway

-Prince of Persia


I'm not sure what I want for this; and to be honest, the games collection, the controllers and hard-drive are worth significantly more than the actual console, being as it's pretty old, and I'm not too sure of relative value for the whole package, so if you're interested, let me know what you'd offer.


I'm open to all sorts of suggestions, but here's a rough idea of what I may or may not be interested in:

-G&G SOPMOD stock for M4/M16 - I really want one of these. REALLY.

-Not interested in much camo-wise

-No Plate carriers/Chest rigs/Molle vests (the only Molle I'm interested in is a Molle Belt, with harness, in olive and mixed pouches, mostly olive)

-WE M9A1, KWA G17, WE Hi-capas

-No Shotguns

-No sniper rifles which could not be upgraded/maintained - except maybe a decent SVD (ASG?)

-AEG wise I'd be most interested in the following; M4/AK/G36/Support weapons/L85 - but anything is good (No EBB)

-Vaguelly interested in the gas MP9A1


This is literally just a consideration and I'm just wanting to get a gauge on what's out there. I'm not looking to make a quick decision as this wouldn't be the first time I'd thinned out my gaming collection only to change my mind.


Interest via PM only please.

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just out of curiosity, how much would you sell all the games for?

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I've totted up the value of the whole bunch as if you were to buy them from CEX (their prices ignore the presence of manuals etc), it comes to £203.


My rule of thumb is that once you buy something, it loses about a third of its value instantly, so I'd say around £140 is the value of the whole set of games.


I may be wrong, CEX have fluctuating prices etc etc, and I haven't priced up any games to sell them for years now. Willing to listen to offers on some of them, but will want to keep a few until the console is gone.


Again, at this stage, just looking into offers; I'm very undecided. Xbox or airsoft kit. It's like being forced to choose between two equally lovely puppies in a housefire where you can only save one.


EDIT: Updated the first post with a more comprehensive and accurate list of what I do/do not want.

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