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Sean Gale

Tokyo Marui AUG Civi (HARDLY USED)

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Make: Tokyo Marui.

Gun/Model: AUG Civi.

Accessories: Grip, 8.4V 1500MaH battery, 5 Mid-caps, 1 low-cap AND phantom kit!

It also comes with a Molle Belt which has a medical pouch, 4 magazine pouches and 2 grenade pouches (Comes in Digital Woodland).

Condition: Great AND has been skirmished twice and fires approx 4000 rounds.

FPS: 285 on a constant basis.

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No.

Price/Payment: £300/Paypal. (Including postage)



The weight of the Tokyo Marui AUG is 3400 grams and gun length is 805mm with the barrel length being 550mm. The AUG has two firing modes which is single fire (Pull the trigger back half way) and auto (Pull the trigger all the way back). It has a nice safety feature just above the trigger which you push in to allow you to fire. It has a High Torque EG700 motor and a grade 3 gearbox. It fires between 750-800 rounds per minute and is a bullpup design which means longer range. It's effective range is 30m+.

Lastly, this gun is a 1/1 scale of the real thing!


Will a admin please close down this thread as the gun is no longer for sale.

If you have any questions, please message me.

Thank you, Sean.

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