What do you do to keep fit?

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TBH i've never been a fan of weight lifting, i find it looks good but not a effective. Lots of my friends have more destinguished bi-ceps but i am a lot stronger!


To be fair that's probably because your friends are training to increase muscle size rather than muscle strength. I find the gym can be quite helpful, particularly for strengthening legs (running doesn't really add much strength, so doesn't help when you have to try and jump a big ditch etc.) Obviously on it's own it's no good though, squatting alone isn't going to make you fit.



How's the running going Finius? I've been improving slowly and got some proper running shoes today, much more bounce so hope to cut the time down a bit :)


Well if you're looking for a bit more bounce...


Bet you'd get fit using those, and could probably knock quite a few seconds off your time :D

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