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Imitation Eotech 551 (short)

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Hey folks,


Got an Eotech 551 replica here that isn't going to suit any of my potential future rifles.


Tested it today, and it works fine. Externally, there's a few dings here and there from previous user, but they're purely cosmetic and would occur with normal use. There's a chip off the inside of the battery-compartment lever, but it doesn't affect function and is still perfectly solid feeling.


Works of LR44 batteries, which will be provided. Red and green modes, varying brightness levels.


No brand indicators. On one side, it has "For Law Enforcement/Military Use", underneath it has "This is not a laser product. For airsoft use only", "T057643 PAT" and "RED GREEN DOT", if that helps with brand identification. Seems like fairly good quality.


I'm looking to swap for optics; ideally an aimpoint or something similar. No holosights wanted.


An aimpoint or something similar is priority 1, however I also want the following things:

-SPR Trigger guard

-SPR pistol grip

-ACM SOCOM stop (or a G&G Sopmod stock)

-STAR E-Mags 75rd, multiple

-Various V2 Gearbox parts


I want some other bits, but they're very specific and rare.


Willing to put money towards something decent when I get paid.


Pics available on request.



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