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New to airsoft, and UK

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I have returned from the US after living there for 22yrs. I was born in the uk but moved over the pond when I was 18.


Loved every minute of it, especially when it comes to guns... I have always been into guns since. I was about 12.


I really like authenticity, in how they look and feel... That's very important. So when I came back to the uk I thought I would have a look at airsoft as I had heard the laws had change... Well what a shock basically I'm only allowed a 2 tone as I'm not a member of any club...


I will be shooting on my land which is 180 acres of rural / woodland. Brilliant... So I'm a plinker a heart...


Seems strange after firing some outrageous guns in the stage and at the age of 41 one I have to have a two tone...


Really like the forum been reading up alot and I'm going to look at a kwc m4 I think... Really like the look of those....


I even ordered one from redwolf in hong kong it had a coloured muzzle end but the rest was black metal in colour I emailed them to cancel it. No point it will be stopped at customs... I hope the will read th email before sending(:


Anyway really good place to be, loads of info


See ya around...



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