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The Chernarus Conflict - Part 3


Mission Background Information:


Four weeks after the battle of Grishno, the Chernarussian Defence Force return once more. Their primary task is to clear the town of enemy resistance in order to establish a landing zone to bring in communication equipment. Equipment desperately needed to replace the destroyed radio relay station from the previous battle.


Only this time the fight will become personal. Ex-CDF officer, Pappilon Chedenkov, now fighting for the Chedaki and wanted for war crimes will not only face a CDF force intent on victory, but one that is also lead by his own brother and CDF Officer, Captain Ivan Chedenkov.


Captain Chedenkov can no longer overlook his brothers defection to the Chedaki regime three years before and must now face the task of hunting his brother down and bringing him to justice.


Experience the battle, experience TA Events BattleSim!


Event Details

  • Name: The Chernarus Conflict - Part 4
  • Location: Sennybridge
  • Price: £90.00 per ticket
  • Event Date: 10/11 September 2011
  • Availability: 150 places
  • Booking start date: BOOKING WILL OPEN ON THE 10th July 2011 at 2100hrs
  • Format: BattleSim
  • Website: http://www.ta-events.co.uk/events/battlesim/cc4/

CDF Mission and tasks:


CDF Ground forces are to clear and secure the town of Grishno, whilst searching for intel left behind by NAPA resistance fighters. Finally they must secure a landing zone for vital equipment to be airlifted in to Grishno, equipment needed to repair the communication relay station within the town. Engineers will also be brought in to carry out the repair task.


Secure a foothold in to Grishno


CDF forces must find a means of gaining a foothold in to the town.

  • Establish foothold in to town
  • Establish a mobile CP in order to carry out further operations

Search Operation


During the previous battle, elements of the NAPA resistance hastily re-located their safe houses away from Grishno. In their haste, intel documents on high value targets were left behind

  • Locate intel documents left behind by NAPA cells.
  • Use the intel to locate HVT's (high value targets) amongst the Chedaki force

Landing Zone


In order to bring in the radio equipment and engineers, a secure landing zone needs to be established.

  • Establish a LZ (landing zone)
  • Keep LZ secure until transport helicopters arrive

Secure a perimeter


Once all the equipment has been brought in then a security perimeter needs to be established around the Communication Relay Station to allow the engineers to repair the equipment and bring the station back online.

  • Secure perimeter around Comms Relay Station
  • Maintain security of the perimeter until the engineers bring the station back online

Chedaki Mission and tasks:


Since the battle of Grishno, the Chedaki have now taken up residence within the town. With the main frontline moving beyond the town, the Chedaki are now using Grishno as a FOB (forward operating base). Because of this, Grishno is now being used for operation plannning and weapon/ammo storage whilst acting as a transient camp for Chedaki reserves moving through to the frontline


Secure the FOB


Camp Grishno, as the Chedaki now call it, has to remain secure in order to pretect operational planning documents and intel as well as the weapons and storage facilities now held within the town.

  • Prevent CDF forces breaking through the outer perimeter of the town.

Search Operation


During the previous battle, elements of the NAPA resistance hastily re-located their safe houses away from Grishno. In their haste, intel documents on high value targets were left behind.

  • Locate intel documents left behind by NAPA cells.
  • Use the intel to locate HVT's (high value targets) amongst the CDF attacking force.

Special Weapons


What CDF planners have no knowledge of is the "special weapons" that the Chedaki have now obtained from Russian arms dealers.

  • Protect the valuable assets from falling in enemy hands.

Relay station must remain offlin


The Chedaki can not afford to have the relay station brought back online. The destruction of the station has caused the CDF significant communication issues in the last four weeks.

  • Prevent the CDF from bringing in replacement radio equipment
  • Prevent the CDF from securing the relay station in order to repair the equipment within the building
  • Eliminate any engineers attempting to bring the relay station back online

Player feedback from CC3

  • "Thanks You for a Super Weekend from Everyone @ The Rats Ireland"
  • "Thanks to all at TA events for and epic weekend can't wait for next one."
  • "Another epic event, and another storming victory for the mightly Chedaki!"
  • "We would like Thank all involved with this Fantastic weekend gone, we had a great time."
  • "Quite possibly the most awesome time I've ever had in all of my little life! Thanks to everyone involved from top to bottom, and really hope to rock upto another TA Event game."
  • "The best weekend event I have been to...10/10! Will be back for the next installment. Gear is already packed"
  • "What a great weekend. That was my first milsim and wont be my last."
  • "First time and defo not the last time was a pleasure to be beaten by such a great bunch of players guys (and gals of course) totally different calibre of player at this event. luved it."

What is BattleSim?


BattleSim is for players that want a faster pace game with nested sub-missions. But at the same time, BattleSim will still hold to the core basic values of MilSim (team structure, strong communications, low/mid cap magazines and limited ammo). You can find more information about BattleSim on the BattleSim Page on the TA Events website.


BattleSim is NOT for players that want to go off and do their own thing. We introduce command structures and an Order of Battle within our weekend events and we expect all players to honour this system and adhere to it throughout the weekend.


More Information


Visit www.ta-events.co.uk/events/battlesim/cc4/ for more information.

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