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A&K SR-25 (Stoner Rifle-25)

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Gun Name and maker: A&K SR-25 (Stoner Rifle-25) [Match]


Info about the real thing on


FPS: 440

Hop up: Yes, adjustable

Mag Capacity: 450

Battery: Ni-MH 9,6 1100

Plastic/Metal/Both: Both.

Opinion and overall comments:


Not a sniper rifle exactly, more like a sharpshooting rifle (or para-sniper, if you prefer) because of the full-auto option.


NOTE: Be aware, the real gun operates only in semi-automatic mode.


OUTSIDE: First looks - well, I've seen better. But they cost much more. The gun's well built, the whole body being made of metal (ZnAl), just as the outer barrel, mech sights and RIS rails (and the silencer). The butt and grip are of course made of ABS, as well as RIS covers. Everything fits tight, but the gun is also easy to disassemble in the same time.


The silencer is a QD type, fully functional.


INSIDE: Chinese 'M140' spring SHOULD give the gun 440 FPS. New models measured on Guarder Speeder 2000 had 438 FPS (worst score) to 456 FPS (best score), with variations of +/- 5 FPS in one model. So - pretty stable. Tests made of 5 guns, each giving 20 shots, with Xtreme 0,20 BBs. Results (rounded to 1 FPS):


GUN 1: worst 442; best 448 = 445 +/- 3 FPS

GUN 2: worst 440; best 449 = 445 +/- 5 FPS

GUN 3: worst 438; best 446 = 442 +/- 4 FPS

GUN 4: worst 450; best 452 = 451 +/- 1 FPS (!)

GUN 5: worst 455; best 456 = STABLE 455,5 FPS (!!!) <= Hell yeah!


The gun holds a v 2 long GB, pretty standard, though real tough. More details lower. The spring guide is metal, with bearings. All bearings are made of steel, and the gears are improved and 'toughened'.


Overall rating: 9/10


Why 9, not 10?


1. It's not as pretty on the outside as the CA...

2. The mags are a problem - hard to get.






Forget the M140 spring. Get a M150. Effect? 412 FPS (+/- 2) on... 0,28 BBs :D Or about 495 on 0,20 if you prefer. What's funny, adjusting the hop-up decreases that amount for no more than 5 FPS for the 0,28 (Xtreme) while highly improving the gun's range.


Get rid of the stock battery. Get a 2000 mAh 9,6 V, cover it with NRC to reduce power losses. It'll fit into the stock without any problems.


You can still shoot on auto. Effects in this configuration:


FPS: ca. 495-500

ROF: about 850 (!)


That's a sharpshooting rifle.




Forget the M140, M150 or even the M160. Get a M170. No, wait... hell yeah, let's ride a M180!

Forget the full-auto option. Cut it off, just to be sure no-one gets hurt. REALLY, DON'T USE IT.

Forget the 9,6 battery. Get a 11,1 LiPo.

Get a tough (i.e. Guarder) non-silicone bucking.


Chrono it. Go for a beer. Then chrono it again. Drink more beer. Sober. Chrono it again... believe it. Buy some 0,36...


Measured FPS on 0,20 Xtreme BBs with a GFC M180 spring and 11,1 Lipo: 620 FPS [+/- 7 FPS].


That's a sniper.




[bTW - with OPTION 2 and a BSA Deer Hunter 3-9x50 scope, a matchbox goes down from a measured distance of 80 meters (ca. 265 ft.) - call that accuracy]


Good place to get your own...

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Mother flocking sheep.


Quite suprised I've never seen this before.


Sounds like a pretty sound building block to start with on my L129 project. Unless the CA, or others, are as good.

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Haha I know, I was aware of it xD

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The internals of this weapon are what make it one of the most sought after guns on the market. Starting with the barrel assembly, you get a standard 509mm brass barrel which ends is at the very edge of the unsupressed gun. The quality is good enough to use for good accuracy out of the box and the large window makes it a good base for flat and R-hop mods. It is not crowned and there was a little bit of orange paint in the end of the barrel.

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