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Camo, Jacket, Tatical vest, Camo trousers,

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Hi, I'm selling a Real Belgian army Jacket, that I have used a few times in skirmish sites and has been amazing, and looks great! Im also selling Belgian army camo trousers, the jacket has extra padding on the elbows, and the trousers have extra padding on the Knees. I am also selling a large tactical vest with lots of pouches. As well as that I am selling A metal British army helmet, that is in good condition except the chin straps are a bit worn out, but can probably be easily repaired/ replaced. By far the most interesting thing that I am selling is an original, and unique police riot helmet, that are very rare and cost £150 plus for the police to buy in. This helmet severs as an exceptional airsoft mask, as it has a clear screen visor, which is anti-mist, ear protection, and neck protection from the back. This piece will be a really good addition to any air-softers outfit.


Will sell riot helmet separately for £35 plus p&p or everything together for £75 plus p&p


Selling things separately for:


Jacket £20 plus p&p


Trousers £15 p&p sold


Tac vest £15 p&p


Uk metal helmet £15 p&p


Riot helmet £35 p&p- sold


Open to negotiations though, so fell free to ask!




If you are interested email me on









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