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Bulk sale of AK bits

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I've been trying to repair my AK to make it more saleable over the past few days and it would seem I've actually just made it way worse.


To that end, I've broken it up for parts to sell the bits worth having out of it.




Items pictured:

1. JG Ak Beta Hi-cap approx 250rds, good condition, works fine, few scratches £7

2. DBOYS 1000rd AK Hi-cap, good condition, works fine £9

3. JG Ak Beta flashider, quite a bit of scratching/paint wear £6

4. JG AK Beta dust-cover with rear-iron-sight, lots of paint wear and scratching £6

5. JG AK battery-tray with bolt etc, screw-hole snapped but still decent £8

6. JG and Element hop units, at least one complete, plenty of spare bits, no nubs £5

7. JG internal selector parts for AK gearbox £5

8. JG V3 cutoff lever/yaw bar, with screw and spring £4

9. JG Anti-reversal latch, with spring £3

10. Various V2/3 Gears, some element, some JG, all good condition, virtually no wear £4 each, deals on multiple

11. JG V3 Trigger-switch spring (spring only, pictured on part it attaches to for clarification purposes) £2

12. JG V3 Tappet Spring £3

13. JG AK Motor and Cage, working fine, silver in photo is foil tape and does not affect function £8

14. JG AK selector parts, the bit that goes through gearbox from cutoff lever side to selector lever side £4

15. Prometheus 350fps spring - newish, barely used £8

16. Element bearing spring guide for V3, barely used £5

17. JG V3/Ak Piston Head with Element bearings £5

18. JG and Element metal end-tooth for pistons, both excellent condition, £3 each

19. JG V3/AK Nozzle, good condition, has been countersunk to aid feeding and seal £3

20. AK dust-cover bolt thingy (attaches to bolt rod to hold and release dust cover) £4

21. JG Ak beta inner barrel £8

22. JG Ak beta trigger set (mechanical parts and spring only, no electrical switch parts) £5

23. JG Ak beta cylinder £4

24. JG Ak beta front sight, could do with a respray or something over the silver in the photo, comes with grub screw £8

25. JG Ak beta selector lever, nub and screw, nub has been glued in to prevent looseness, cosmetic damage £5

26 JG Ak beta stock spring guide, good condition £4


Not pictured:

-Two 8.4v 600mah mini-batteries, apparently they work but do not provide enough voltage to turn over a gearbox with a strong spring £4 each

-China Eotech (short), works fine, has crack inside battery compartment, not visible in use and does not affect function £20

-Various other AK parts, mostly external, please ask for more specific info


N.B Prices are inclusive of any and all expected costs to me, payment via paypal, bank transfer, cash on collection. Postage may have to be delayed till after the bank holiday. Open to offers, as for many of these items I simply do not know a reasonable retailer price for them new (a lot of these bits are impossible to get hold of new), so if you think I'm charging too much, I probably am. The above is now listed on another forum so items may be removed from sale at any time. That said, no preference is given to either forum, first come first served applies! :)



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Items 1,2 sold and 24 under consideration.


Chuff, please see my reply :)


Thanks Finius :) payment has been sent :) pleasure to do business with you sir :)

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PM'd for item 4

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have you got the receiver? the piece that should have the selector on and the motor and gearbox go into? if so how much would you like for it? :)

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All items posted yesterday.


I should have the receiver somewhere, I'm just heading out tonight, but I'll PM you in the morning once I've dug it out and can confirm condition :)

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thanks :)

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Bumpy - now open to ridiculous offers on the whole lot, or sensible offers on this and that.


Various bits either removed from sale or sold.


Here's what's left:



The batteries and the various external gubbinz.


EDIT: updated swaps list:


Swapswise I'm after M4 bits, willing to part ex, or straight swap, but cannot put any cash towards:

-STAR/Magpul Green Label E Mags

-Metal M4 midcaps (standard ones - these are a last resort)

-Molle belt with harness in olive

-Various molle pouches in various patterns (No multicrap or gayCU)

-QD silencer with flashider

-M4 handguard rails




-40mm launcher

-Vert foregrip

-Magwell (the G&P M16 magwell add on thing)

-Front folding ironsight - the triangle shaped one that folds down

-KA big charging handle

-Magpul foldout trigger guard (the one that opens for people wearing gloves)

-SPR pistol grip

-Various stocks, folding, retractable or fixed.

-Other M4 stuff, internals, body parts, accessories etc

-DPM boonie

-Cam cream

-Decent shooting glasses

-Pistol lanyard

-Shooting gloves

-Various optics; telescopic and reflex sights only, no standard red dots

-Various patches

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