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Thought I'd bump this thread instead of posting a new one about the same guy.


Bought a bunch of M4/v2 parts off Tungsten last week for a very reasonable price, all arrived quickly and in the condition described. He was happy to hold onto stuff for till I got paid, which was much appreciated.


Very reasonable fella, would be happy to deal with him any time :)

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Tried to purchase an AUG from tungsten and found him a disgrace!


Just got my payment refunded from Tungsten as he refused to post it to me because he didn't check the postage cost beforehand and decided he didn't want to spend so much on postage after deal was agreed and funds sent! :angry:


Throughout the process I was told by him "It'll be posted tomorrow", and "my friend sent it today" when in fact it had never been sent! :angry:


He even tried to blame me for him not checking postage costs beforehand and said it was my fault because I asked him did he have the original box, he claims I "demanded" the original box which upped the cost. Bull! :angry: :angry: :angry:


He also refused to refund the full amount of money and made me pay the paypal fees for a return! Cheek of him!


Overall I would never ever deal with Tungsten again and would advice every one else to stay away from him as well as he is an absolute waste of time!!! :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

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No one in there right mind would pay, let alone afford 61 quid postage fees, regardless or what "deal" is made.


With original box: 41 pounds untracked royal mail, 61 pounds tracked.


Without original box: 20 pounds untracked.


If you know anything about postal pricing (clearly not) volume can sting you as much as the weight.


If the messages were actually read by the buyer, I did NOT tell him to find out the postage yourself.


I DID refund the 55 pounds In full for the inconvenience. I used the issue refund option.


My friend did in fact go, but I did not know it was not sent UNTIL he came back with it, which the buyer clearly still does not understand.


I clearly found him inconsiderate and ignorant to my unfortunate situation at that time.

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Well, what more can I say than "A dream to trade with".


However, me being me I never stick to jsut a few words.


This guy was fantastic to deal with. The communication was top notch and his assistance with a minor issue was resolved quickly and to complete satisfaction. Postage was not only quick, but well packaged and I knew the moment I saw it that there would have been no problems with over zealous postal sorters causing damage to the item.


Many thanks - I really happy.

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