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UHC W700 Super 9 Airsoft Sniper Rifle SOLD

I have a W700 Super 9 Airsoft Sniper Rifle for sale with an extra 30bb capacity stick magazine. The gun is boxed and in excellent condition as it has fired less that 100 rounds.

I will accept £60 which will include the extra magazine and will accept money through paypal.

* I will also consider including a bearly used excellent condition JT-3A Shotgun and around 2000 high quality 0.2g rounds as part of a deal.

Images attached and spec is as followed:

W700 Super 9 Airsoft Sniper Rifle specification
• One piece precision metal 65cm barrel
• 400 FPS velocity
• Pinpoint accuracy
• Up to 70 metre range
• Sure cocking metal bolt action
• Antishock ABS resin body
• Metal inner chamber
• 98 cm long
• Weighs 2 KG
• Rotary magazine with fake bullets
• Stick magazine which holds 30BB approx
• Use high quality 0.20g, 0.23g or 0.25g BB
• Adjustable Hop up system for extra range
• Safety catch
• Weaver (ris) top and base rail (for weaver scope mounts)
• Premium version manufactured by UHC

Accessories included with this Airsoft gun
• 10 fake shells (hold 1 BB each)
• Includes 100BB pellets (approx)
• Extra Stick magazine which holds 30BB approx








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Leaving feedback


Packages arrived yesterday, so postage time was good. packaged well.


Both guns and the boxes were in pretty much mint condition, a little scratch down the side of the shotgun nothing serious though. Sell was so kind to include a nice big bag of 0.20g bbs


The sniper was a little hard to get together, had to watch a guide to get the damned thing together. once you get it working though its power is pretty impressive, Bolt is a bit wobbly may need to sort that. Other problem with the sniper is the foresight is just attached by a sleeve of plastic squeezed onto the end of the barrel, it moves if you even nudge the foresight.



The shotgun is a little bit on the weaker side, but still acceptable. only problem with the shotgun though is to fire it you have to push the pump forward again to release the trigger, and because the stock is very long as well, even i with long arms find it difficult. I wouldn't recommend this gun to people with short arms.


Both guns have good magazine capacity seem and fairly robust..all in all great deal i think.

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Appreciate that but could you please leave feedback here:


or here


The first is preferable or you can do both if you like. Just means people can easily find feedback rather than trying to find their sale items (which as you can imagine would take forever)



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