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Tanaka M700 Pre-Ban Power Control System (SOLD)

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Make: Tanaka


Gun/Model: Pre Ban M700 with Adjustable power bolt and upgraded internals. Kings Arms VSR Conversion unit. NineBall Hop Rubber. PSS 10 6.03 Tightbore 555mm long. G&G Metal Hop Chamber.


Lots of 0.43 Madbull BB's (About 2000). Co2 Bulbs for the magazine, a choice of hoses for the Co2 mag.


Accessories: G&P Multi purpose Bipod, One Green Gas Mag, One Co2 mag with Co2 Regulator, JSR 3-9x40 Red + Green Illuminting scope, Silencer Adaptor, Silencer


Condition: Some slight scrathces but nothing more. Original Box with Instructions


FPS: Variable - From 200 upto somewhere around 800 FPS with both regulators open fully.


Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Yes / No / Possible


Price/Payment: £600 all in


Pictures: Yes


Ok so selling my pride and joy sniper rifle as I need the money for other things. This rifle will hit a target the size of a coffee mug 10 out of 10 times at 50 meters. And the only reason it's tuned to 50 meters is because I dont have a bigger range to zero it on. I've hit people at 65 meters with this.


The Co2 mag takes the 12g bulbs and you'll get about 200 rounds at full performance from each bulb, depending on how much gas you let through the valves.


As this has two power control valves you can have a very wide range on how you want the gun to work, I found the best set up was to have about 80psi on the Co2 and the valve open about 3/4 of the way.


The conversion kit allows this to take VSR barrels and hop rubbers, you'll also get the original barrel and hop rubber included, but the original hop chamber was cracked in half when I took it out the gun (Sign of how powerful the gun can be really)


Don't know what else to say about this gun, if feels great to rack each round and the trigger is nice and light.


Splits - Will sell parts off the gun as follows. All prices include postage and PayPal fees.


Co2 Mag, Regulator and Bulbs - £200

G&P Multi purpose Bipod - £45

Scope - £25

Madbull 0.43g BB's - £15


Part Exs - If you've got something special let me know. Not after another sniper or any China


made guns.


Thanks, FL



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Co2 Mag now sold.


New price of £380 all in for the Rifle, scope and Bipod with box and instructions.

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