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Recently refurbished Tokyo Marui FA-MAS F1 for sale!


Just bought a new motor for it and had it fitted, re-wired and cleaned up at FireSupport UK. It's in great full-working order, shoots like a charm, and comes with its original box (a rarity in itself!), instruction manual, cleaning rod, x2 wind-on high cap mags (retailing at £30 each), x1 low cap mag + loading rod and an 8.4v battery thrown in for good measure. The grenade sight has been removed, just gets in the way, but I can include it if you want. This item is LIKE-NEW.


Selling for £175.


PM me if you're interested and I will get back to you ASAP. Any potential buyer will have to come to my house to pick-up the FA-MAS, I live in the Cambridgeshire area.



(REMEMBER, if you were to buy this AEG new it would not come with any high-caps, meaning its regular price tag of £200 would fly up to approx £260.)

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