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JG G36c Upgrade

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I think i need a 455mm madbull 6.03 tightbore. I have a 200mm supressor so that will fit right?


I have a completely stock jg g36c. But i really want to upgrade it, i have compiled a shopping list, here it is:

9.6v battery

Metal bushings

Type 0 cylinder

455mm Tightbore

Hop up bucking


Piston head

Spring guide


Is all that ok to take an M135 spring? Upgrade my range and accuracy as well?


Do i need anything else such as shims or high torque gears? Because doesn't the v3 gearbox in my g36c already have metal gears?

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Well, first of all, III generation JG guns have an M135 in stock, and we've been messing around with them by putting in M155 springs. No problems. None at all. Only the ROF went down a bit, to 450 RPM. After 2000 BBs fired mostly on auto (fired, and fired, until the battery went dead) the only thing that carried syndroms of usage was the hop-up bucking. But it still worked well.


M170 springs made some problems. The gun went 'eeeeeeewSHOOT' each time. And forget about auto (ROF +/- 140) but most of the problem was the battery (we hadn't had the courage to install a Li-Po; we feared the BBs would go through the wall and kill our boss. Boy, were we stupid...).


What I'm trying to say is, that if you have some JG III Gen replica, you don't need to fear much. Their parts are almost immortal. Got pissed by my Classic Army (to hell with it!) and inserted some parts from A&K and some from JG... tuned up a bit and the effect is striking down a matchbox from 70 meters.


But tell me one thing... the G36C is a mor-range gun and an M135 will give you about 420 FPS (up to 450 if you seal the whole thing right). That's the power (OK, OK, velocity...) for a sharpshooter. If you wanna go sharpshooting, consider a 509 mm tightbore. Together with the 420-450 FPS velocity, it'll be a killer. And don't be afraid about modifying a SMG into a long-range rifle. Made that with an RPK, changing it (afer half a year of work) into a Zastava M76. Everybody laughed... for a while ;)

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