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CA p90 (SOLD)

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Hi all, :D


Make: CA

Gun/Model: p90

Accessories: faulty Hi-cap p90 magazine, M4 box mag converter, Metal nitros rails, silencer, extended barrel, battery

Condition: Great

FPS: stock

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/M/Y

Price/Payment: £200

Pictures: Will get more

Ive have recently got a CA p90. It is the TR version but without the red dot (a rail can be added though). It is in great condition with minor battle scratches. Reason for sale as i dont think its the gun for me, got sick of the AUG and its similar (well to me) and would like to purchase a brand new gun. Its all black not ex-two tone but can be sprayed two tone on request. The gun shoots great, goes much further than i imagined which is great, good ROF and power behind it (also has a wee kick like its an EBB). pictures will be uploaded soon!

Also buying a M4 magazine for it and will cost an extra £10 when received to fit the m4 mag converter!

Posting will cost extra.

Up for £180 instead!!!


PAYPAL only!

Battery now supplied for no extra cost!



Will consider swaps for any AK's, M4's, HK416, mabye MP5's.

Through offers at me for anything else, the worst i can say is no ;)

DO NOT WANT A L96 or Dragunov!!!


Money can be included if the gun is worth more!!


cheers, Tom


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sold else were,



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