Star M14 SOPMOD for SCAR/M4

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Hi all,

I have a Star M14 SOPMOD which I really love but I'm on the lookout for something a little more suitable for my style of play and in particular a SCAR.


I will consider any make/models in any colour and either H or L variants but am mainly interested in CA or VFC and would ideally like it in v. good/good condition and with mags. Let me know what you have. I may also consider a decent M4 that I can convert into counter sniper.


If i decide to swap up for swaps is the M14 itself in good condition with 3 mags including real magpuls. There are also other mags on the pic but these are untested so I'm not sure if they are working. Also the silencer and flashider as well as a new RIS mounted sling swivel.


The scope and bipod are NOT INCLUDED as these both cost me a lot and will go on my next purchase. Please do not ask for these to be included. Thanks


Sonic Ninja


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Hi there I have a CA SCAR - H for sale or swap in v-good condition


Colour - Black


Fps - 350-360


1 hi Cap Magazine


What do you think?

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