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AGM M4A1 GBB Bolt Catch problem solved.

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Hello one and all,


Not may people would say no to a brand spanking new M4A1 GBBR, I being one of them however didn't feel the need to spend around £400 on a WA or WE.


So, when I heard about the AGM M4 GBBR retailing at around half the price, I quickly reached for my wallet.




The old saying goes, "buy cheap, buy twice" which is what I got.


Dont get me wrong, The AGM M4 is a sweet gun, works well and such, however as it is a cheap clone there are some teething issues and bugs in the system that need to be weeded out to make this gun reliable and skirmish worthy.


The main ones I have come across are;


Bolt Catch wont catch

Mags are rubbish

Body Bolts slip out

Bolt Nozzle isn't metal


Ive only had the gun a little while and while I am aware of other problems with the gun, these are the only ones if far.


So onto the fix...




this one is quite simple, thought it took me ages to figure it out, (mainly as Im retarded). Basicaly the Bolt Catch wont work as the plastic lever on the mag that should push the bolt catch up and prevent the bolt coming forward is about as strong as wet toilet paper, also there is a sping pin, (BCC), on the right hand side of the Bolt Catch that causes too much friction.


1. field strip the M4

2. remove the mag catch and mag release button by depressing the button and unscrewing the catch anti-clockwise

3. get a screw driver and push the bolt catch assembly out of the gun

4. as soon as you do this a very small spring will pop out of the assembley, this is the spring for the BCC...problem solved.

5. reassemble your gun

6. test the bolt catch, it will work like a charm now. :)


The other issues with the gun can be solved by buying the relevant upgrades, but I'll keep you guys posted on my progress.



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No stress :)

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just like to thank shaun for the video it worked on my ls m9 gas gun as i had a problem with the trigger.


so thanks shaun from a grateful new member :))

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Hi Shaun, This seems to b every new owners problem. I hav just followed ur guide no small spring popped out only a small pin which live's at the back and under the realease catch as u look at the bolt catch. Any ideas?

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