Two Tm m14 packages (SOLD)

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Make: Tokyo Marui

Gun/Model: M14

Accessories: Assortment of mags (see below), Untested 8.4v large battery and 2 untested mini batteries, Tm scope mount, KA 1 to 4x mag red/green mildot illuminated scope.

Condition: Used, few scrapes here and there. Stock is TM OD and heatshield, scope and mount given OG krylon paintjob

Upgrades: Prometheus 420mm tightbore, 1j spring, Guarder gearset.

FPS: Unknown

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: RS SVD

Price/Payment: £280 posted and paypalled for complete package

Pictures: Below. Sorry about quality was raining out and was pushed for space



Right here goes, this m14 is left from an m14 project that i have now completed. I havent fully tested so SOLD AS SEEN (not skirmished by me). I have checked to make sure they both cycle, feed and have range as should etc..


Right now for the mags:

All untested!

Each package will have:

5 KA platic Mid caps.

2 KA spares/repairs hi caps

3 Hi caps. 2 Tm and 1 unknown





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Hey, any chance I can ask you to test the top one fires fine? Just that £320 is a lot of money to buy blind, and I've had bad experiences in the past with people saying untested when they mean broken (not saying you're doing this, but can't be too careful either)



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Rito, as requested. Ive just hooked both guns upto one of my 11.1v lipo's as i know they hold a full charge and given them a quick test down the garden. Both guns feed fine on auto and semi (short burst on each to save trigger contacts) and the bb's fly straight even with .2g as thats all i have at the moment!

Only thing to note was the top guns motor is a little scratchy due to the wiring issue. Nothing major.

So only reason they are sold as seen is because i havent personally used them for a skirmish

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