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Gunfire's a shop I got all my equipment from... mainly, because I work there :P No, not own, WORK. So I know the quality of the wares, mainly because I use them myself.


We've got low prices for shipment and good prices for guns and other stuff. This isn't a place to make any adds, so I'll just leave a link here... If you're interested, simply check it out.


Gunfire Website


You can always PM me or something, should you have any questions :)


We've also got another shop...


Airsoftguns Website


[Heck, haven't used english for quite a while... hope I'm not making too many mistakes :P]

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Thanks. But that doesn't meen I'll stop practicing it :P



BTW - a tip for anyone who might buy wares inside EU, but outside their own country:


Talk with some friends and find a friendly shop with an european tax number (don't know what it's called in the UK, in Poland it's NIP... I mean the number you're registerd under in the tax service), who would be friendly enough (gettin' really friendly here) to order the wares for you as a wholesaler. What you get this way is:


- lower prices

- tax refund


Example? OK...


We'll stick to the polish example, so I can give you precise data, knowing the taxes and wholesale prices here. So I'll also use polish currency ;)


Let's say you like a gun for 949 PLN (a M4 or something). A wholesaler will buy it for 759 PLN, while still getting the 22% tax refund... making it only about 622 PLN to pay... making it about 65% of the initial cost. Nice? Then USE IT :)


And to make the PLN currency more understandable for you...


949 PLN is 233,16 EUR at the moment.

622 PLN is 152,82 EUR


I think that's a cool option for any team starting their adventure in airsoft, eh? If you make a big order (let's say 6 guns, uniforms, vests, some BBs, eye protection, helmets and so on), you need to get a few people into it, but it's a good choice anyway. And the prices for shipment are low too, if you find a good wholesaler. (No more ads here - got questions? PM me.)


The thing works with any wholesaler I know.


Drawbacks? Sure...


- if something gets messed up in your gun, claim and shipment to another country will cost you more and last longer

- you need to prepay for your order (recommend PayPal, ALWAYS)

- in places like Ireland or Germany, most replicas sold normally in central and eastern Europe (like Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia and so on) are illegal and considered firearms. ALWAYS check that before you order something from abroad.


Well... that's all, I think, gotta get back to work.

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hey i know this is an old topic but....with your airsoft guns i was hoping to start the sport soon....i m only 14 though....i live in The UK so will i need a Ukara to let to gun be shipped to england and pass through to me........well my dad would buy it and "Gift" it me as i cannot buy

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