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I bought a JG MP5A4 from this User.


As you can see it comes with a Magazine and Battery and is in "good condition" and "full working" order.


Not only was postage painfully slow (Was not sent recorded like he said it would be so I'd have a tracking number. [but think this may have been a mistake he couldn't help])..


But when it did arrive it had no magazine.


I PM'ed him about it and he denied all knowledge of it, And I am still yet to hear anything of this missing Mag since.


After I went out and purchased a Mag to replace the 'missing' one I found that the gun had a intermittent firing problem (no noise from the motor, no shots firing, dead. but then every so often it would work ok?).


So I sent it off to a friend of mine to repair.


He said that the gearbox had been opened on it previously as it had a missing screw and all the others were only finger tight. The fault was found to be the trigger switch assembly.

I bought a new replacement part for this and it has been fine ever since..touch wood.


So to get my 'Good condition' and 'Fully working' MP5 to actually work.. I had to spend an extra £48 (including two sets of postage). Meaning my £70 gun ended up costing me around£120. Which means I could have bought a brand new G&G MP5A4 Blowback model from ZeroOne airsoft had I known this gun and transaction would have caused this many problems!


Just thought I would put this out as a warning to others!

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Unless you have feedback for REMsoft then there is no need to post here.


You can resolve any issues by PM. If the buyer is satisfied with what the seller has done to resolve the situation then I'm sure they will happily adjust their feedback. Otherwise it must remain - no one has reason to lie about it, especially when they have gone to the trouble of rectifying the problem with their own money.



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